Strategic Planning

The Codiac Regional Policing Authority (CRPA) is a civilian governance body established through an agreement between the City of Moncton, the City of Dieppe and the Town of Riverview (the Municipal Agreement), as permitted under the New Brunswick Police Act.  The Authority is responsible for:

  • Understanding the varied policing needs of the local community
  • Setting the direction, priorities and goals of the Codiac Regional Police Service (CRPS)
  • Approving and recommending a budget for the CRPS
  • Establishing overarching policies to guide policing in the region
  • Monitoring the performance of the CRPS in relation to the priorities, goals and policies established by the CRPA
  • Demonstrating accountability to the public, the Province and other stakeholders through periodic reports, meetings, receiving presentations from key stakeholders and operating in a transparent manner.

The CRPA has launched a consultative strategic planning process to understand the policing needs of our community and to set priorities and goals for policing in the region over the next 3-5 years.  The strategic plan will provide a framework for measuring the performance of the CRPS and for enabling the CRPA to be accountable to its stakeholders for making progress against the goals and priorities set out in the plan. We invite interested stakeholders to provide us with their input.

There are three ways to engage with the strategic planning process:

  1. Send us your thoughts and suggestions via email at
  2. Complete the online survey.
  3. Attend a facilitated focus group for key stakeholder groups by invitation during the month of March.

For additional background information, we invite you to read our ‘CRPA Strategic Planning Primer’ (.pdf).

Your input is critically important.  The CRPA will rely on it to set priorities for the future of policing in our region.  Thank you for taking the time to engage with our process.